About Montanya Tohumculuk

Our Operations

Our company started professional seeding activities in 2009.

The activities of Montanya Seeds are concentrated in 4 main subjects:


1 Hybrid and Open Fertilized Vegetable Seeds,

2 Hybrid Field Seeds (Maize, Sunflower),

3 Self pollination Field Seeds (Wheat, Barley, Soybean)

4 Agricultural consultancy and supply.


Our seed production activities aim at high quality products in all stages from research to production and distribution. In this context,

• We registrated hybrid maize varieties which have high yield, quality and adaptation ability. These are coming from result of reseach activities. We produce and sale them in Turkey and abroad;

• Production and sale of short and long day onion seed varieties which were registered by the Ministry of Agriculture;

• Production and sales of capia pepper which were registrated by the Ministry of Agriculture;

• The supply and sale of sweet corn seeds, sunflower seeds, wheat and barley seeds and potatoes from domestic and foreign breeding companies.


Montanya Seeds is selling all seeds with its brand Montanya Seeds International, which it has created with its own breeding studies.


Montanya is working in Azerbaijan, Iran and Russia in consulting activities. It provides the provision of agricultural inputs (seeds, chemicals, sowing machines, soil preparation equipment, harvesting machines) for the planning, supply, production and staffing of the entire agricultural production of the customers.


Our organization is reliable and flexible. Our commitment is quality, flexibility, rapid supply and cooperation.


Experienced marketing network, production team and open field experiments have brought new breathes to Turkish Seed and agriculture sector.